What Lens is Best for me?

In general, a lower Index lens will be thicker than a higher Index lens, and a strong prescription will tend to have a thicker lens than a weak/light prescription. If your prescription is lower than -4.00 and greater than +4.00, it is suggested that you order at least a 1.61 Index lens. All Index lenses that we currently sell are appropriate for those between -4.00 and +4.00.

Blue-light blocking lenses protect the eyes from damaging UV and blue light, reducing symptoms of eye fatigue such as dry eyes, tired eyes, red eyes, and blurry eyes.
Polarized Lens are reduce glare for high-stakes driving, or snow and water activities. They are used to turn any eyeglass frames into high-performance sunglasses.
Photochromic lenes become darker when exposed to sunlight, optimizing vision indoors and outdoors.