Frequently asked Questions


How long will I have to wait to get my glasses? We will ship your glasses to you 2 - 3 weeks after your order.

What is the shipping cost? Standard 3 - 5 business day shipping is free across the United States. 2 day delivery is $15 per shipment up to four pairs across the U.S.


What is the cost of regular eyewear including frame lenses and shipping charges? You can get complete eyewear in USD $34 total including shipping charges. With every order you will get a beautiful hard case and cleaning cloth and 15% discount for your next order.

Is Buying Eyeglasses on internet advisable? Don't be afraid of buying online. You just have to see the dimensions of the frame given with each frame to be sure whether its size will fit you or not. We have 100% satisfied customers and their repeat orders are evidence for the same.

Does low price mean low quality? The quality of the frames and lenses are same as offered on other retail and online stores. Only frames with superb quality are offered online, and we can offer a low price because as compared to your local retailer, our sales are nation wide sales and allow us to buy our products at a lower price, and we safe money on marketing and rent for retail locations.

What if something goes wrong? We have a firm refund/return policy. Problems not covered in the policy may be freely discussed with us at help@WiZeEye.com.

I received a damaged or incorrect product? WiZeEye is 100% responsible in such cases. Please refer to our refund policy or contact us for assistance.


How can I be sure that the frame will fit well and that I will be satisfied with my choice? Additional steps to get the best fit are:

  • Provide us with a recent prescription from your doctor to ensure that they are best for your eyes. We are not ophthalmologists and do not conduct eye exams, fit, or adapt lenses, so you should have your own medical expertise to enable the best outcome.
  • With every frame complete dimensions are available. Select the best size by using the Frame Width mm (Ear to Ear) and Temple Arm Length mm (Ear to Eye). You may get your measurements by visiting any of our retail competitors and using cunning to get them to take your measurements, by measuring an old pair of glasses, or by or measuring your head. Measurements should be in (mm).
  • Visiting an Eye Glass Retailer is also a good way to try on several pairs so you know what style and shape best suit your face before searching for a comparable frame on our website. It will also help you to realize the value we offer when you compare our prices.
  • Be sure to have your Pupilary Distance, the distance between the centers of the right and left pupils. It is best to have someone else measure this for you, and this measurements should also be in [mm].